Youth Groups

I've been in music ministry for over 12 years now, and the focus of my ministry has been sharing my testimony of how the Lord saved me from a life of addiction and called me into a better life -- and encouraging people to find their own calling in life. I believe that God has called every believer into ministry of some sort, if we can just listen for His voice and be willing to share the things He's brought us through! I have a special place in my heart for youth because it was during my teenage years that I got sight of God and stumbled into the drugs and alcohol that almost destroyed my life. My message for young people is twofold: 1) if you've already crossed that line and gotten tangled up in drugs and alcohol, it's not too late for you--God's grace is enough for you! and 2) if you are living for the Lord now, you don't have to "try what the world has to offer" in order to know that God has the best plan for your life! The best testimony doesn't have to be that God saved you from an awful past--the best testimony can be that the Lord kept you through those years without you having to go through the tears and turmoil that I did!

My favorite type of event is a youth retreat or Discipline Now weekend, where I can lead worship through the event and also share a concert & testimony during the weekend. I'd love to talk with you more about coming to minister to your group. To send me an email and get the ball rolling, click here. The message will go straight to me, and I promise the booking process is very easy. :)

One of the songs I love to share with youth groups is "Set Free" – you can click here to watch the video on my video page.